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Sachajuan paste

Australian hair and beauty distributor, Rogue Beauty, has welcomed Swedish haircare line Sachajuan to its portfolio; following on from the news that it has also  ...

Hair Mists, Sprays & Perfumes

Now this is a brand i’ve been dying to try for such a long time now! So happy I’ve finally got round to trying the products on my hit list including the Intensive Repair shampoo and conditioner and the Overnight Hair Oil. 

Sachajuan canada

Nov 1, 2017 ... The brand started with the opening of the Sachajuan salon in Stokholm in 1997 by Sacha Mitic and Juan Rosenlind- two high profile and ...

Say Hello To Your Swedish Summer Hair Heroes with SACHAJUAN

Dull and dehydrated beard is something that none of us appetite to deal with, especially as the winter months are approaching. Sachajuan’s Dry Beard care ambit which includes a Shampoo and Conditioner, with Sachajuan’s patented Ocean Silk technology, promises to accommodate our beard with maximum beard shine, moisture and volume after making the beard heavy.

Sachajuan volume cream

Sachajuan uses only the ingredients they need; nothing more, nothing less. ... Wide Labor Day Sale. Home BlogProductsfeatured brand: sachajuan · Products ...

Beach To Bar Hairstyle With SACHAJUAN

Dry Hair Shampoo (AED 115) A rehydrating shampoo that is equipped to cleanse addled and unloved hair without stripping it off of its essential oils and moisture. This intensely moisturizing shampoo works its magic on color treated or dry hair by providing optimal moisture using proteins, minerals and Sachajuan’s patented Ocean Silk Technology. In the long run, regular use of this shampoo helps with the rehabilitation and revival of addled and lifeless strands.


Jun 11, 2018 ... We show you how to create a simple, sleek bun that can take you from beach to bar in a matter of minutes with SACHAJUAN haircare & Jolene ...

Rogue Beauty now distributing Sachajuan Haircare in Australia

The founders vision was to accomplish their haircare line uncomplicated. Simple to use and understand – taking the complexity out of haircare but delivering reliable results. Everything about Sachajuan is simplistic, the packaging and branding, the website (loving the use of capital letters and easy aeronautics / images- my only criticism would be that the diction next to the images in the shop are slightly too small to read- maybe i just need to wear my reading glasses though!) but added than that the website is sleek and simple AF. 

Sachajuan hair products

Aug 1, 2019 ... Say Hello To Your Swedish Summer Hair Heroes with SACHAJUAN ... SACHAJUAN (written in all capitals as per brand requirements) is a delightfully ... and thoughtfully created brand please see our blog about their story.


The brand started with the aperture of the Sachajuan salon in Stokholm in 1997 by Sacha Mitic and Juan Rosenlind- two high profile and globally recognised hairdressers, these guys were a freaking big deal in the fashion and beauty industry bursting with creativity and knowledge which led them to aperture their salon and naturally launching their haircare line…

Sachajuan ireland

Oct 7, 2016 ... Dull and dehydrated hair is something that none of us want to deal with, especially as the winter months are approaching. Sachajuan's Dry Hair ...

Featured Brand: Sachajuan

I naturally picked the Intensive Repair Shampoo as I believe that anyone who colours their hair are exposing it to accident of some degree (even Olaplex obsessives like me) so any repair in the form of shampoo and conditioner is very much welcomed into my hair regime! 

Sachajuan hairspray

Feb 18, 2019 ... Hair Expo Blog .... Rogue Beauty now distributing Sachajuan Haircare in Australia ... We are excited for the next stages of Sachajuan's brand evolution in Australia,”said Chris Hammond, Rogue Beauty director of sales and ...

Hydrate your dry tresses with SACHAJUAN

These products are created with ocean silk technology combined with UV protectants that penetrate the follicle and stay there even afterwards rinsing, to provide maximum protection and intensive care to damaged hair……

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